About Us

Somali Fish and Chicken and Poultry Farm Company

Somali Fish, Chicken, Meat and Poultry Farm is company composed by mergers the sold fish, chicken and poultry farm. the company was established on 02/02/2012 and operates in Somalia market especially southern and central regions.

Somali Fish, Chicken and Poultry farm company occupies two facilities in Banadir region specially deyniile and Warta Nabda with modern paraphernalia include deep freezers, Cold storage, ice-machines, ice-boxes, fresh-fish, chicken and poultry farm.

The company processes different types of fish, chicken and meat based on the customer’s request. the king fish, Tuna Fish, chicken and meat Groupers are the main products of the company. the company maintains the supply and demand of the company markets locally and finding abroad markets.


Somali Fish, Chicken, Meat and Poultry Farm want to be the premier supplier of fresh and health fish, chicken and egg products in Somalia


Our main purpose of establishment and existence is to supplying natural local fish, chicken and egg products to both local and international markets.

To utilize Somali natural resources, and create jobs and incentives for fisherman, coastal habitants, chicken and animal caregivers by increasing national economy as whole and individual benefit such as investor’s wealth maximization, through fishing, chicken and poultry farm processing, package, local-selling, exporting and recycling the nature with environmental friendly fishing, chicken and poultry farm methods.

Core Values

– Fresh and high quality fish, chicken and egg products for all customers

– Prompt and reliable delivery

– Guinness and faithfulness

– Customer need valuing